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Danny Charnley spent his boyhood on the Chesapeake Bay in southern Maryland, where, if he is remembered, it is as the second-worst dresser in the county.  After graduating from the University of Maryland, Danny continued to pursue his dream of making people laugh, or, sigh and shake their heads in disapproval.  Even with a massively loyal following, Danny Charnley feels no obligation to be “funny” and it shows.  Often, he writes his bio in the 3rd-person and pretends like someone else did it.  Some people say Danny is very handsome, funny and great.  Danny likes to call those people “geniuses.”  He has performed in bars, seafood restaurants and comedy clubs all over this great country and has opened for Tony Woods, Owen Benjamin & Dan St. Germain.  He was on a podcast with Mitch Fatel once and has been featured on

me on marquee

Follow Danny on Twitter: Click here, you genius!

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